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How to become lady match candidate?WHO should become a Lady Match Candidate?

Wherever you are based, if you are a single, sophisticated, attractive, cultivated and relationship oriented woman, make sure you are one of HIM's Lady Match Candidates.

Apply to become lady match candidate


WHY should you become a Lady Match Candidate?

Being a Lady Match Candidate provides for a unique opportunity to be introduced to exceptional gentlemen who are looking for a lasting relationship as clients of Trea’s High Impact Matchmaking (HIM) program. You have everything to gain by being connected to Trea; she may introduce you to HIM!

HOW do I become a Lady Match Candidate?

Complete the confidential application form. Each application will be carefully reviewed by the HIM team ands approved applicants will be invited for a short Skype interview in order to better understand who you are and whom you wish to meet. When successsful, you will be invited to become included in Trea's HIM Lady Match Candidate circle and will be communicated next steps.


HOW MUCH does it cost to be a Lady Match Candidate?

Being a HIM Lady Match Candidate is free of charge.
There are zero registration cost and when you are selected for a date with one of our gentlemen clients, it is free of charge to you as well. 

Important to know

HIM Lady Match Candidates are not clients of HIM-Matchmaking and HIM-Matchmaking does not actively look for matches for HIM Lady Match Candidates.
Should you wish active support in your partner search, contact Trea to discuss her effective coaching programs.
Your details as a Lady Match Candidate are kept confidential.
Your profile will only be presented to a gentleman client should Trea feel there could be a match. 
When you are selected for a date with one of our gentlemen clients, it is free of charge to you.

HIM-Matchmaking cannot guarantee matches for Free Lady Match Candidates.
We will keep you informed about relevant news such as events, dating advice, etc. which may benefit your dating experience.


Interested in becoming a Lady Match Candidate? Please submit your details by answering the questions on the form about yourself and the gentleman you would hope to meet, and upload a minimum of 2 nice and recent photos (preferably a full length shot as well as a close up). When your application is successful, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Apply to become lady match candidate